Mini Castle Kids 1-5years of age 2.5×2.5mtr


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The Xtreme Party Hire Mini Castle allows kids to play and explore, while developing social skills. With its fibrant pink, red, yellow, blue and teal hues, and four spires, one on each corner of the castle, all participants will feel like royalty. Kids can spend hours jumping, making friends and even pretend they are in their kingdom.
The mini castle is perfect for any prince or princess party.


(Ages 1 – 5 years)


      Best Value Jumping Castle with hours of Fun for kids up to 5 years .


Price :

$230 Day Hire (Drop off before 12 and Pickup after 4.00pm)

$280 Overnight Hire

$330 Friday to Monday Hire


Product Dimensions:

  Width 2.5 x Lenght 2.7 x Height 2.5 mtrs
Your Minimum Area Required needs to be : 4mtrs x 4mtrs Flat Level Area
Power source is Needed
1 Supervisor is required 
Maximum Riders/Jumpers on Castle is 4 at any given time


Additional information


Suitable for ages between 1-5 years of age.


2.5 x 2.7 x 2.5 mt


Please Note: Please allow an extra 1mtr on each side of the castle for safety precautions. Please allow a clear entry point of 1mtr to allow castle to be delivered and set up. (Enough room to get through in driveways and side entrances without any obstacles) Please have power ready and available to the castle. Please also remove any animal droppings before castle arrives. The above is recommended at all times for safe, clean, OHS issues and to allow us to be on time for every event.


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