Instagram Printer Hire Melbourne

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Instagram Printer Hire Melbourne


Product Description


Instagram Printer Hire Melbourne


The all new way to simply catch every moment of your event is when you have every guest with their phones and snapping away using your events special hashtag on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram Printer Hire in Melbourne

Its so easy that anyone with a phone can join in !!


Snap it.

Your  guests take their own Instagram and Twitter pics with their own phones and devices


Tag it.

Tag photos with a simple hashtag to suit the event.


Print it. 

The InstaPod will automatically print each photo with a custom designed border and logos. Guests can also scroll through the images on the touchscreen for reprints and sharing to Facebook.

How it works:

  1. Guest can take pictures with their phones
  2. Upload images to Instagram and Twitter with the supplied hash tag
  3. Images print out automatically on the InstaPod with branding
  4. Users can also browse the gallery on the touch screen and share images to Facebook or reprint

Price :

$550.00 Overnight Hire ( Up to 400 prints included)


Comes with Instagram Pod , 1 x Photo boards with pegs on Stands and Instagram instruction board on stand for guest .

Access needed to Wifi / Internet




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