Planning Your Event

Stage 1 – Planning for your Event

• Work out your budget.
• How would you like to customise your event?
• Select Party theme
• Select Event Start and finish times.
• Confirm accessibility – Dimensions of entry points/ doors / lifts/ gates/ ramps etc.
• Clear access to accept the delivery.
• Confirm dimensions of items. Length, width and height and ensure they will fit in the space you have and to be able to accept delivery.
• Who will be the point of contact for the delivery and pick up.
• Do you need to have a rain plan?
• Decide on the hire items.
• Do you have any time specific for delivery and pick up?
• Is there steps that need to be accessed? If so some items may or may not be delivered.
• Parking Availability within 20 meters of delivery point.
• Venues – What time do you have access to the space / function room.
• Public Space events – Do you need to obtain a permit? Have you got the power requirements? What hurdles can you foresee before and after the event?


Stage 2 – Booking items for your event.

• Advise all the relevant information of items being booked, themes, amount of supplies, start and finish times etc.
• Set up location. Eg Front/ Back yard, grass/ cemented area, Garage / House, Venue/ Office Block.
• Do you have any time specific’s for the delivery and pick up’s?
• Confirm dimensions.
• Venue / Site Manager Name and contact number.
• Loading dock information.
• Be prepared to pay a booking deposit. Deposits are not refundable in most cases.
• Advise Start and Finish time if your function is a day event, or start time if it’s an overnight hire.

Stage 3 – Week Prior to your event

• If paying via direct deposit funds need to be in Xtreme Party Hires account and cleared up to 5 days prior to delivery or your event.
• Expect a phone call to be advised of delivery and pick up times. (Please note- at this stage the delivery and pick up times are locked in.)
• Do you have clear path ways?
• Any obstructions have been moved.
• Any overhanging trees / shrubs have been pruned.
• Ensure set up area is clear and cleaned
• Ensure you have selected flavours for slushie units.
• Ensure you know what colour fairy floss you are after.


Stage 4 – Day prior to your event.

• Ensure you are prepared to accept the delivery.
• Pick up any animal droppings if you are having a jumping castle / Mechanical Bull delivered and placed in the back yard.
• Ensure there are no obstacles for the driver.
• Ensure set up area is cleared and clean.
• Ensure payment for equipment is done or ready to go as equipment will not be delivered if payment is delayed.


Stage 5 – Day of your Event.

• Ensure that someone is home or at the venue / site to accept the delivery at the time specified.
• Ensure that drive ways are clear.
• Ensure driver has easy accessibility.
• Be ready to accept the delivery.
• Ensure that all animal droppings have been picked up in preparation of set up of Jumping Castles / Mechanical Bull.
• If paying in cash ensure money is ready at delivery point and prior to the driver’s arrival.
• If you encounter any technical issues on the day of your event you need to call our office on 1300 88 44 72 during business hours or on 0430 946 433 after hours.
• Ensure there is sufficient lighting for the driver upon delivery and pick up.
• If our driver needs to wait around for any reason at drop off or pick up there will be an additional charge of $25.00 per 15 minutes.


Stage 6 – After the Event.

• Ensure castles are in the down position pending pick up if it is dry.
• If your jumping castle is wet, before the driver arrives please put the Jumping castle in the on position to dry off at least 2 hours prior to his arrival time.
• Extension cords to be unplugged and placed next to hire items.
• Ensure driver has clear access for the pick-up.
• Popcorn machines – Please remove any cooked popcorn from the unit.
• Ensure all utensils are in popcorn and fairy floss units.
• Slushie machines to be emptied of any remaining contents.
• Chocolate fountains need to be cleaned and all parts placed in the box.
• Ensure that someone is home or at the venue / site pending the drivers arrival time.
• Ensure there is sufficient lighting for the driver upon pick up.