How Much Does an Arcade Machine Cost?


How Much Does an Arcade Machine Cost?

How Much Does an Arcade Machine Cost?

You might be wondering, how much does an arcade machine cost? We’ve got your back. Read our helpful guide to find out everything that you need to know!

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Arcade games were a staple of gamer culture a few decades ago. In fact, they were often the only way most people could play videogames.

Recently, though, arcade games have begun to see a resurgence. Alongside retro fashion, people have developed an itch for old videogames in order to satisfy their craving for nostalgia.

But, even though these machines are outdated, they often aren’t cheap. Those who are looking to buy one may not know what to expect when it comes to arcade machine cost.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

So… What’s The Price?

In order to realistically estimate the price of an arcade machine before you buy one, there are several factors about it you’ll need to consider. For example, some arcade games come equipped with only a joystick and two buttons, while others have seats, steering wheels, etc.

Read on to learn more about the different types of popular arcade games you need to keep in mind.

Sports Games

As you may expect, an arcade machine that comes complete with things like scoreboards, basketball hoops, etc. will likely cost a lot more than a standard cabinet that allows two players to face off in a fighting game.

Sports games are often larger and equipped with more technology than standard cabinets. Sports like baseball, basketball, and golf are common examples you’ll encounter.

So, keep in mind that most sports-related games will often fall on the higher end of the price range.

Crane/Prize Games

While not quite as complicated as sports games, prize games can have a large handful of moving parts and electric components that add to their cost. Many prize games, though, are relatively simple when it comes to hardware.

Many of them are mostly glass (in order to keep the visibility of the prizes high), so you won’t find yourself having to accommodate a large, intricate machine.

Shooting Games

A staple game type of any arcade, these machines fall somewhere in the middle in terms of price. The real cost comes from how expensive the light guns are material-wise. More intuitive guns will also add more to the cost of the machine.

A standard cabinet with a pair of rifles won’t be exorbitantly expensive. On the contrary, though, a machine with seats and large, mounted light guns will cost far more.

Classic Videogames

The most simple type of cabinet you’ll find is a videogame arcade machine. In fact, this was the first kind to ever exist!

These are often on the low-to-mid part of the price spectrum. However, it’s fairly easy for a unique or discontinued machine to cost exponentially more than other games of the era.

Driving Games

Seats, gear shifts, and steering wheels often require overly large arcade cabinets. Additionally, many driving games are of far higher quality than others you’d find in an arcade.

The sheer size of the machine coupled with the software often leads to a price of at least a few thousand dollars. Modern driving games (especially ones with large followings like Mario Kart) will cost even more.

Dance Games

As you may expect, these are among some of the most expensive. The sheer weight of the machine and all of the components heavily contribute to the cost, as does the popularity of dance games.

Older models may be even pricier, as they may contain content or exploits that newer machines of the same game do not.

Other Factors to Consider

In addition to the type of game that you’re looking for, there’s a handful of other factors that contribute to its cost. Let’s take a look.


As with any other product, less supply will lead to a greater price if there is a demand for it. So, older machines with a low total volume or those that were discontinued will likely cost more (even if the games are relatively simple).


Sometimes, there are arcade games unlike any other. The game ‘Splatterhouse,’ for example, was released during a period of lax censorship and is known for being notably violent.

While the machine itself is a standard videogame cabinet, its uniqueness (and eventual discontinuation) contributes to its high price.

Cultural Value

Games like Galaga, Space Invaders, and Pac Man will always come with a hefty price tag despite their simplicity. These games are widely recognized as classics of the genre and have become a sort of collectible in some cases.

Original releases of these machines (or those that were held at famous arcades, used in tournaments, etc.) will likely be out of most people’s budgets.

The Best Way to Play Arcade Games

Sometimes, you don’t need arcade games for an indefinite period of time. You may only need them for an evening or weekend (such as during a fundraiser or celebration).

So, renting arcade machines instead will save you thousands of dollars and allow you to avoid finding a buyer who lists their machine at a reasonable price.

Finding The Right Arcade Machine Cost Can Seem Difficult

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the above information about arcade machine cost in mind, you’ll know what to expect when it comes to price and likely be able to find one that fits your budget.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Feel free to get in touch with us today to see what we can do.

Chocolate Deliciousness: Why You Want to Say Yes to a Chocolate Fountain at Your Wedding


Chocolate Deliciousness: Why You Want to Say Yes to a Chocolate Fountain at Your Wedding

Why You Want to Say Yes to a Chocolate Fountain at Your Wedding

Are you looking to appeal to your sugar cravings and have a fun experience at your wedding? Check out why you’ll want a chocolate fountain!

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More than 119,000 weddings are celebrated in Australia every year.

With so many couples looking to get married, you’ll find no shortage of vendors eager to help you choose everything from desserts to dresses to dinner options.

Weeding through your options and finding the right vendors, designs, and details for your big day means balancing a budget with your dream image of your perfect wedding.

Whether you have your heart set on an elegant affair, a rustic barn event, or a classic wedding reception, there’s one detail that can add a fun, luxurious touch without draining your bank account; a chocolate fountain.

Keep reading to learn why you should definitely say yes to featuring this chocolatey indulgence at your wedding reception

It’s an Affordable Dessert

The average couple spends $300 and $700 on their wedding cake. In most cases, that means a single flavor cake, with maybe a few tiers and some pretty decorations.

For several flavors or over-the-top flair, you may wind up spending $1,000 or more on this detail of your wedding alone.

A chocolate fountain may seem like an indulgent addition to your wedding. But it can, in fact, be an affordable dessert, either in place of a wedding cake or in addition to one.

The markup on wedding cakes is extreme. While they can be beautiful, in most cases, they are the same cake you might buy for a fraction of the price for a birthday or other event.

Chocolate, and the many dipping sides you can choose from, don’t have the same markup. Once you’ve bought your chocolate and rented a chocolate fountain, you have the freedom to choose dippers that fit your budget.

You can indulge in tasty treats like strawberries and other fresh fruit. Then, fill in with budget-friendly bites that are still sure to please, like marshmallows, pound cake, or Rice Krispie treats.

It Caters to Many Tastes

Not everyone likes wedding cake. In fact, if you’ve been to many weddings, you probably know that a slice usually isn’t much to brag about.

Most of your guests would be all too happy to give up a slice of your wedding cake for something more tempting to their taste buds.

However, choosing one of the other popular alternatives or additions to a wedding cake might not expand your options very much.

Pies, donuts, and cookie cakes have all become popular swaps for traditional wedding cakes. Even with one of these options, some of your guests may still not like your choice of dessert.

You don’t need to please all of your guests; after all, it is your wedding day. But its nice to do what you can to make sure that the people who took time out of their lives to celebrate your special day with you get something tasty in return.

Thanks to the endless number of dippers you can choose from, chocolate fountains make it easy to cater to many different tastes. Even if a few of your guests don’t like chocolate, they can still snack on your dippers plain. Your fresh fruit spread even gives healthy eaters a sweet option after dinner.

It Adds an Elegant, Luxurious Touch

Chocolate fountains are as much fun to look at as they are to eat. Watching all of that tasty melted chocolate drip and pour over the tiers is mesmerizing.

Either on its own or with a wedding cake, a chocolate fountain is a fancy addition to your reception space.

In fact, the very space of a chocolate fountain mimics a tiered wedding cake.

With a simple silver base, a chocolate fountain can easily be blended and decorated to match the rest of your wedding decor.

If you’re throwing an elegant affair, arranging your dippers on silver platters or glass dishes adds a luxurious touch. For a rustic wedding, metal pails can be filled with marshmallows, while a strip of burlap around the base of the fountain ties in the rest of your decor.

You can also get creative with the dippers themselves. Whole strawberries with skewers through their stems can be placed in a vase, like a giant bouquet of flowers. Or, mix and match cut fruit in rows on skewers to create a rainbow of color.

Plus, the smell of the melting chocolate is sure to get your guests’ mouths watering from the moment they walk through the door.

It Can Be Featured on Its Own or Alongside a Wedding Cake

One of the best parts of adding a chocolate fountain to your event is that it can either be the centerpiece or just an addition to your dessert spread.

Because it looks like a wedding cake and offers something for everyone, you could easily skip the cake and put your entire budget towards fun dippers, or other details for your wedding.

If you have your heart set on cutting the cake with your new spouse, you can always opt for a small couple’s cake for the cutting, while your guests enjoy your fountain.

Or, you can add a chocolate fountain in addition to a wedding cake. This expands your guest’s options for what kind of dessert they’d like.

For longer weddings, you can always reveal the chocolate fountain later in the event, to give guests a snack long after they’ve finished their dinner and cake.

It’s Fun!

Perhaps the best reason to add a chocolate fountain to your wedding is that it’s just plain fun!

Everyone loves a chocolate fountain. From kids to grandparents, each guest can choose their favorite dippers and drizzle or drench it in chocolate as they please.

Adding a Chocolate Fountain to Your Wedding Plans

A chocolate fountain is a great way to cater to your guests’ tastes, save some money, add a luxurious touch to your reception hall, and bring a bit more fun to the night.

If you’re ready to say yes to the perfect addition to any wedding, contact us today to learn more about renting a chocolate fountain!


9 Reasons Why Your Next Event Needs a Photo Booth


9 Reasons Why Your Next Event Needs a Photo Booth

9 Reasons Why Your Next Event Needs a Photo Booth

Want to make sure your next event is one that will be talked about for a long time? Adding a photo booth to your festivities keeps your party on everyones mind.

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Australian adults take over 742 million selfies every year. That evens out to about 2 million selfies every single day.

People like taking pictures of themselves.

That’s why your next event needs to have a photo booth.

Not convinced? We’ve put together the top nine reasons a photo booth will make your event more successful.

1. Form of Entertainment

Every event has idle moments. It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re hosting, at some point, your guests will find themselves with nothing to do.

For example, weddings have (sometimes long) stretches between the ceremony and the reception while the couple takes photos. Birthday parties have moments without any scheduled activities while people are still showing up. Even bigger events with professional entertainment have breaks when the performers are getting changed or resting.

A photo booth gives your guests something to do during their downtime. This is especially true if you add fun props.

2. Everyone Can Enjoy It

Photo booths are appropriate and enjoyable for people of all ages, including teenagers and children.

That is, if you set it up correctly.

If you know you’ll have a lot of children at your event, it’s a good idea to include a few more fun props than normal. This will ensure they’re interested in the photo booth.

A booth that doesn’t have any props might not attract younger people’s attention.

3. Makes Your Event Unforgettable

Your guests aren’t going to forget an event that showed them a good time. If they enjoyed your photo booth, they’ll remember your event with fond memories.

But that isn’t the only way photo booths make your event unforgettable.

They literally give your guests visual keepsakes. They get to keep the photos they take at your booth, and every time they scroll through their old pictures, they’ll think about your event.

This can be especially helpful for businesses attending trade shows and other events. If people remember you, they’re more likely to do business with your company.

Do you want to keep a copy of these photos yourself?

Hire someone to take pictures of everyone who uses the photo booth. This will ensure you can look back at all these photos yourself.

4. Includes Everyone in the Photos

People like photo booths.

When you include a photo booth at your next event, you’re ensuring you’ll get at least one photo of everyone at your party. It’s a good idea to set up a photo booth even if you’re hiring a professional photographer for your event.

For example, weddings and other events can have a lot of people. It can be hard for a photographer to get everyone in their photos amidst the activities.

However, most people will make a stop by a photo booth if you have one. This means you get a record of everyone who attended your event.

5. Makes Your Event a Talking Point

If you’re getting ready for a trade show, you need to consider using a photo booth as part of your set up.

A photo booth gives people a way to interact with you and your company. It will also give them good memories of your business, which will encourage them to purchase your products or services in the future.

Perhaps more importantly, a photo booth will also be a talking point for your business.

People who take photos in your booth will post them on their social media accounts—with your brand in the background. That will attract others to your business, which can give your company several new customers.

6. Produces High-Quality Photos

Photo booths also give you and your guests quality pictures of them at your event.

For example, your photo booth will have a nice, clean background. This means people won’t have random strangers in the background of their pictures.

Even if you don’t have any props in your booth, the nice background alone will get people’s attention. They’ll want to take photos of them, their family, and friends that look good.

7. People Expect a Photo Booth

Because of all these benefits, most people choose to include photo booths at their events. That means your guests are probably already expecting one.

And you don’t want to disappoint them.

Otherwise, the thing your guests might remember from your event is their disappointment instead of enjoyment. It could also put them in a bad mood for the rest of your event. The last thing you want is people leaving early because they aren’t having any fun.

It’s always a good idea to include a photo booth than risk going without one.

8. Fits at Every Event

A photo booth isn’t out of place no matter what type of event you’re throwing. They’re a good choice for weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, retirement parties, baby showers, formal events, business events, and more.

You can’t go wrong when you invest in a photo booth.

9. Gives You a Great Guest Book

You might want to create a guest book of your event to memorialize it. While signing names and writing personalized notes are beautiful attentions to this type of book, pictures from a photo booth make it even more special.

By having a photo booth at your event, you’ll finish the event with the best memories possible.

Every Event Needs a Photo Booth

A photo booth takes any event to the next level!

Whether you’re getting ready for a business event or a wedding, planning your photo booth should be on your list of priorities.

Not sure where to get a photo booth? Make sure you take a look at our photo booth services!


Photo Booth in front of brick wall
Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne

8 Reasons to Jump for Joy for Jumping Castle Benefits!

8 Reasons to Jump for Joy for Jumping Castle Benefits!

8 Reasons to Jump for Joy for Jumping Castle Benefits!

If you’re planning a birthday party for your little one, consider the benefits and entertainment of renting jumping castles!

Keyword(s): jumping castles

Kids’ parties don’t come cheap.

Indeed, with venues, food, and entertainment, parents spend an average of around $270 on birthday parties for their children. Clearly, that’s no small sum!

For that level of expense, you want to ensure you’re throwing a party that your child’s going to love. Thankfully, there’s one undeniable way to do it:

Jumping castles!

That’s right, these classic pieces of party entertainment make for a fun-filled affair, regardless of the occasion. Better still, they offer a host of additional benefits to enjoy.

Want to find out what they are? Read on to discover 8 top advantages of hiring a jumping castle for your child’s next party.

1. Kids Love Them

First thing’s first:

When you’re a child, things don’t get much more exciting than an inflatable castle that you can jump, crawl and bounce around on.

Combine that with a group of your closest friends and you’re on your way to a winning party.

Let’s face it, with the amount of energy they have, it can feel like your kids are bouncing off the walls at home anyway. Hiring a jumping castle gives them a chance to do it for real!

It’s the ideal way to expend some of the energy and excitement of the day.

2. …So Do the Adults!

Jumping castles are fun for the whole family though.

When the kids are asleep, you can guarantee the adults will like to bounce around on there too!

Moreover, they’ll most definitely value the hands-off nature of these inflatable castles. The kids can run and jump around in the castle, while the parents sit back and relax.

For most other events that are downright impossible, children need to be kept under constant supervision; parents often need to be involved in the fun and games too.

Bouncy castles are different. Engaged in the inflatable fun, kids don’t need their caregivers around to help them stay safe. To put it simply, a jumping castle ensures everyone’s kept happy on the big day.

3. They Never Get Old

Quality jumping castles remain fun for as long as you have them.

Other games and entertainment get old in flash. After all, the attention span of children can be frighteningly short! They’re always looking for the next piece of action to get involved in.

As a result, birthday parties can be one long and tiring day for adults charged with the entertainment! Hours upon hours are spent ensuring everybody remains safe, happy, and having a great time.

Unless, that is, they hire a jumping castle. They’re far more of a novelty for children who’ve played every party game and sung every song under the sun!

They’ll want to make the most of having access to the castle. The result? They’re kept entertained for longer, and with far greater ease.

4. There’s a Castle for Every Occasion

Children have their own individual personalities, tastes, and interests.

One loves sports, another loves cars, another might enjoy playing with dolls or the latest Disney film.

Thankfully, jumping castles come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. No matter the particular preference, there’s almost always a themed castle to match!

It’s a great way of making an event feel more personal. Your children will love having a jumping castle that seems like it was made just for them.

Here’s more information on the jumping castles we have available for you to enjoy.

5. It’s Great Exercise

We can’t forget the physical health benefits either.

Anyone who’s ever bounced around on a jumping castle for a few minutes knows how tiring it can be! All of us, including children, need to get regular exercise in order to stay fit and healthy.

Thankfully, kids usually need no second invitation to run around and play.

However, hiring a jumping castle for the day ensures everyone gets more than their fair share of physical activity! Even better, it’s the perfect means of tiring your kids out by the end of the day.

Come bedtime, they’ll be asleep in seconds, with none of the usual fuss.

6. There’s a Social Element

Jumping castles are a social affair!

All the kids will be equally excited by them, meaning they’ll all be bouncing around together in a fun and friendly environment.

That’s great news for any child who might be a bit shy by nature. They’ll be able to meet and make new friends and have fun inventing games with each other.

7. They’re Safe

Assuming the weather is suitable, jumping castles are one of the safest sources of party entertainment out there.

Indeed, this is one reason the parents can kick back and relax while the kids are running (or bouncing) wild! The nature of having inflatable walls and floors mean children can jump, crawl and fall with little chance of hurting themselves.

Better still, many castles have surrounding walls to stop smaller children bouncing off them. Everybody can hurl themselves around without fear of coming to harm.

8. They’re Inexpensive

Remember how expensive a kid’s birthday can become?

It’s never cheap to hire a venue, pay for party food, and supply entertainment.

Unless that is, you decide to hire a jumping castle. Suddenly, you’ve killed two birds with one stone- sorting the venue (usually a garden or local park) and entertainment in one fell swoop.

That combination automatically cuts down on the cost. However, the rental prices are usually more than affordable too. That’s good news for big families who have lots of friends to invite to parties!

Time to Hire Your Jumping Castles

Kid’s parties can turn into expensive events.

Indeed, most parents end up spending many hundreds of dollars on them. Some even spend thousands trying to throw their child the best party possible.

Thankfully, that isn’t necessary!

Hiring jumping castles for the day is a cost-effective way to provide fun for everybody. Hopefully, this post has highlighted the key benefits of having them around on the big day.

Would you like to book one of these inflatable castles for any upcoming birthday parties? Be sure to contact us today!

Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne
The inflated bounce house with pops of color sits at the park on a beautiful sunny day.

How to look for the right jumping castle?

When Looking for a Jumping Castle please be sure to look at the type of Jumping Castle you have in mind in regards to the size of the Castle compared to the area size you have .

Be also mindful that the Jumping Castle you choose is adequate to service your needs whether its for Toddlers , Kids , Teenagers or Adults as all Jumping Castle’s have different weight restrictions .

Most Importantly , pick the Jumping Castle that your going to have the most Fun with !

With Xtreme Party Hire our aim is to provide you with the ultimate amount of Fun , Excitement , and Memorable event that will have others talking about  .

New Post Dated

From Jumping Castle Hire in Melbourne to Sumo Suits Hire and Much Much more.
Xtreme Party Hire is proud to be expanding in the SE of Melbourne to cater for suburbs such as Pakenham , Cranbourne and beyond.
Our Free Delivery Service will now include 35 Kms From Tullamarine and also 25 kms from Hallam on most products.
We are the largest in Melbourne that can accommodate deliveries all over Victoria !

~~Xtreme Party Hiring Services
Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne
Jumping castle hire Melbourne services provide a great way of having fun, especially for children under 12 years. It can be very expensive to buy one for a few number of children, say in a family. If you stay in a neighborhood which has many kids, bouncing castles can be hired affordably. Depending on the number of children intended to use the catsle, there are more than 50 designs to choose from. The designs range from house to indoor or outdoor castles that come in a range of rainbow colors. Children love bright colors and they will love playing on the bouncing castles. There are also options for adults for use during events or parties. All the bouncing castles are safe, affordable, of high quality and clean.
Photo Booth Hire Melbourne
The photo booth hire Melbourne services are affordable and feature quality and advanced machines using the latest technology in the market. It uses the latest photo software in the market to improve shots with frames, stamps and other fun shots with just a click or touch of the three-mode touch screen. The three modes include quick, fun and theme. With the quick mode, traditional photos are taken in black, sepia and white, while the fun mode allows for photo customization, such as the addition of borders that are stylish, hand graffiti free of charge or even hilarious stamps. The theme mode allows for morphing of one’s own pictures into a cartoon character of choice.
Transfer of photos to US devices and adult sexy mode (optional), access to social media for photo sharing, ease of use, user friendly, best quality Sub Dye Printer and Canon SLR Camera Pro are also featured in the photo booth.
Bucking Bull Hire Melbourne
The bucking bull hire Melbourne services are also provided for a fun party or event. It features an inflatable fence that is raised and a barn to guarantee the safety of all guests attending a party or event. The mechanical bull with red eyes is automated to stop instantly the moment its rider falls. The best and LED time clocks as well as 6 automatic levels that are pre-set are also featured. Moreover, it can also be used either outdoor or indoor by kids above 5 years and adults.
With the bucking bull, photo booth and jumping castle hire services in Melbourne, all guests attending a party are guaranteed fun in abundance!

Dated 18/09/2013

This coming season we have alot of great items for any size event all under the one roof.
Xtreme Party Hire offers great discounts and friendly service , so don’t get caught out this Season with disappointment .

Our range of equipment is the biggest out there, so don’t leave bookings to the last minute.

Jumping castles this Summer is always a great hit, with a huge range of Kids or Adults Jumping Castles no matter what age. Most of our Jumping Castle Hires in Melbourne are booked most Weekends so try and get in quick with your booking.
Our Mechanical bull hire and Photobooth hire in Melbourne are also a hit which are booking up really fast and quick leading up to xmas as well .These two items are a great hit for any type of event.

Here at Xtreme Party Hire in melbourne we like to see you and your guest have Fun, Enjoyment and Laughter.. Thats our expectation and it should be yours as well !
From the Xtreme Team

Dated 07/09/2013

Great day out at the Werribee Football Club with 8 Jumping Castles , Mechanical Bucking Bull and the Dunk Tank.
It was a great success with all equipment there on the day and families enjoying a wonderful spring day.
Well Done to the Werribee Football Club .