How safe are your jumping castles for hire?

Very safe. All our units have their own safety certificates.

Are there any cancellation fees or booking charges?

Booking deposits are  required. Cancellations and rescheduled bookings are available up until the day of the event with  charges.

Do you require payment on the day of the hire?

Yes, we require full payment . .

Is your equipment clean?

Yes, our equipment is checked after every hire to ensure it is clean. If you make a mess on our equipment, we ask that you clean it up as quickly and safely as possible. A cleaning charge may be incurred if there is substantial mess and this will be charged automatically.

What time do you deliver and collect the castles?

We provide flexible delivery and collection times. However, typically we will deliver units early in the morning and collect late in the evening with pickups starting from 4pm onwards or the next morning. We will always setup at least 30 mins before your party begins.

How much space is required for a jumping castle hire?

You must provide an additional 1 metre at the front and back of the bouncy castle for the placement of the blower and to provide easy access. We also recommend that you leave 1 metre on either side of the castle. Please ensure that there is plenty of room for us to bring the castle into the area that you would like it to be set up, as we will use a trolley 1.m is recommended.


All Products from Xtreme Party Hire are in line with the above and follow all current Australian Standards .