Slushy Time: How to Hire a Slushy Machine in Melbourne


Slushy Time: How to Hire a Slushy Machine in Melbourne

How to Hire a Slushy Machine in Melbourne

Not sure how to hire a slushy machine in Melbourne, Australia? When it comes to the slushy time, we’ll show you how to hire a slushy machine fast!

Are you planning a party that needs a little something extra?

Hiring a slushy machine in Melbourne could be just the thing that makes your party the event of the year.

Commercial grade slushy machines dispense a delicious assortment of frozen drinks, whether you choose plain slushies for kids or alcoholic slushies for adults.

If you’ve never hired a slushy machine before, there are a few things you’ll need to know. Understanding how the machines work and how you can hire one helps you avoid any problems on the party day.

Keep reading to learn how to hire a slushy machine for your next event.

Decide on Your Party Time

Timing is important when hiring a slushy machine. You’ll need to know the length of the party to ensure you hire the machine for long enough.

Party companies often hire out the machines for a set amount of time. You can pay more if you want to keep the machine overnight. This is beneficial if your party will go late into the night.

The party timing is also important for the delivery of the machine. Most companies set up the machine for you. Take into account that setup time.

The machine also needs time to run before dispensing. Our machines only take 60 minutes to freeze, but you’ll need to take that hour into account for the party timing. You want your slushies ready to go when guests arrive.

Compare Party Rental Companies

Once you know the timing of your party, you can start looking for the best slushy machine company. Read the reviews to find a company that’s reliable and known for good customer service.

Check out the type of slushy machines the company offers. You’ll want a commercial-grade machine that can stand up to heavy use.

High-quality machines create the smoothest slushies and work quickly to keep up with the demands at your party.

Consider the other options the company has if you’re looking for additional party items. We offer a wide range of options for hire, including bounce houses, jukeboxes, mechanical bucking bulls, photo booths, and arcade machines.

Contact companies to check on availability for your party date.

Understand the Requirements

Slushy machines take a lot of power to turn the syrup into the delicious slushies you serve your guests. Make sure you understand the power requirements for the machine before hiring one.

You’ll need a location for the machine that has easy access to the required power source.

Another consideration is the size of the machine. Ask for the dimensions and the space requirements for the machine to operate correctly. Verify that your party location has room for the machine.

Temperature is also a factor. The machines may have recommended ambient temperatures for optimal operation.

With January highs of 26 degrees Celsius in Melbourne, things can get quite warm, especially in the sun. If you place the machine outdoors in a sunny spot, it might not freeze as well.

Look for a cooler location without direct sunlight for the best results.

Find Out Your Responsibilities

Check with the company to see what you need to do before hiring a slushy machine. Most companies deliver and pick up the machine for you. They’ll often set it up when they deliver it.

But you may need to do a few things to prep for the machine.

You’ll likely need to provide a secure table to hold the machine. Ask about requirements for the table, and make sure you have it set up before the machine arrives.

Find out if you need to do anything with the machine at the end of the party. You might need to empty any remaining slushy from the machine.

Most companies handle cleaning the machines themselves, but it’s a good idea to check first. You don’t want to get charged for not doing something required by the company.

Check the Fine Print

Before renting the machine, read the fine print on the contract. Find out if there’s a deposit required to reserve the machine. Ask about how the rest of the payment is made and when it’s due.

Most companies have a cancellation policy that requires you to cancel a certain amount of time before the scheduled delivery time. Find out the cancellation policy and the fee if you have to cancel after that time.

Plan Your Party Drinks

Decide on the type of frozen drinks you want to serve at your party.

If you’re doing non-alcoholic slushies, all you need is the syrup. You don’t have to add ice to slushy machines.

Check the available flavours from each company to make sure there are options you like.

Most slushy machine companies don’t provide alcohol if you plan to make alcoholic slushies. You’ll need to plan for the alcohol and provide it yourself. You’ll typically add the alcohol to the machine once the slushies are frozen, but you’ll want to check on the specific instructions for the machine you have.

Grab Your Extras

The slushy machine is the star of the show, but you’ll need other supplies to create the ultimate slushy serving station at your next party.

Many rental places offer the extras you’ll need to run the machine.

The flavouring syrup is one of the most important extras. Find out if the rental comes with a certain amount of syrup included in the price.

Having an accurate headcount for your party helps you estimate how much syrup you need. You might need to order extra syrup so you don’t run out.

Cups and straws are also important. If the rental company offers those extras, it’s often convenient to order through them to avoid making another stop.

Paper umbrellas add a fun touch to the drinks.

Rent a Slushy Machine in Melbourne Today

Renting a slushy machine adds a fun twist to your party. Whether it’s for kids or adults, this drink option keeps everyone cool and happy.

Are you looking for a slushy machine in Melbourne? We have you covered with commercial-grade slushy machines for rent. Explore our party packages to see what else you can add to upgrade your next party.


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