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8 Reasons to Jump for Joy for Jumping Castle Benefits!

8 Reasons to Jump for Joy for Jumping Castle Benefits!

8 Reasons to Jump for Joy for Jumping Castle Benefits!

If you’re planning a birthday party for your little one, consider the benefits and entertainment of renting jumping castles!

Kids’ parties don’t come cheap.

Indeed, with venues, food, and entertainment, parents spend an average of around $270 on birthday parties for their children. Clearly, that’s no small sum!

For that level of expense, you want to ensure you’re throwing a party that your child’s going to love. Thankfully, there’s one undeniable way to do it:

Jumping castles!

That’s right, these classic pieces of party entertainment make for a fun-filled affair, regardless of the occasion. Better still, they offer a host of additional benefits to enjoy.

Want to find out what they are? Read on to discover 8 top advantages of hiring a jumping castle for your child’s next party.

1. Kids Love Them

First thing’s first:

When you’re a child, things don’t get much more exciting than an inflatable castle that you can jump, crawl and bounce around on.

Combine that with a group of your closest friends and you’re on your way to a winning party.

Let’s face it, with the amount of energy they have, it can feel like your kids are bouncing off the walls at home anyway. Hiring a jumping castle gives them a chance to do it for real!

It’s the ideal way to expend some of the energy and excitement of the day.

2. …So Do the Adults!

Jumping castles are fun for the whole family though.

When the kids are asleep, you can guarantee the adults will like to bounce around on there too!

Moreover, they’ll most definitely value the hands-off nature of these inflatable castles. The kids can run and jump around in the castle, while the parents sit back and relax.

For most other events that are downright impossible, children need to be kept under constant supervision; parents often need to be involved in the fun and games too.

Bouncy castles are different. Engaged in the inflatable fun, kids don’t need their caregivers around to help them stay safe. To put it simply, a jumping castle ensures everyone’s kept happy on the big day.

3. They Never Get Old

Quality jumping castles remain fun for as long as you have them.

Other games and entertainment get old in flash. After all, the attention span of children can be frighteningly short! They’re always looking for the next piece of action to get involved in.

As a result, birthday parties can be one long and tiring day for adults charged with the entertainment! Hours upon hours are spent ensuring everybody remains safe, happy, and having a great time.

Unless, that is, they hire a jumping castle. They’re far more of a novelty for children who’ve played every party game and sung every song under the sun!

They’ll want to make the most of having access to the castle. The result? They’re kept entertained for longer, and with far greater ease.

4. There’s a Castle for Every Occasion

Children have their own individual personalities, tastes, and interests.

One loves sports, another loves cars, another might enjoy playing with dolls or the latest Disney film.

Thankfully, jumping castles come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. No matter the particular preference, there’s almost always a themed castle to match!

It’s a great way of making an event feel more personal. Your children will love having a jumping castle that seems like it was made just for them.

Here’s more information on the jumping castles we have available for you to enjoy.

5. It’s Great Exercise

We can’t forget the physical health benefits either.

Anyone who’s ever bounced around on a jumping castle for a few minutes knows how tiring it can be! All of us, including children, need to get regular exercise in order to stay fit and healthy.

Thankfully, kids usually need no second invitation to run around and play.

However, hiring a jumping castle for the day ensures everyone gets more than their fair share of physical activity! Even better, it’s the perfect means of tiring your kids out by the end of the day.

Come bedtime, they’ll be asleep in seconds, with none of the usual fuss.

6. There’s a Social Element

Jumping castles are a social affair!

All the kids will be equally excited by them, meaning they’ll all be bouncing around together in a fun and friendly environment.

That’s great news for any child who might be a bit shy by nature. They’ll be able to meet and make new friends and have fun inventing games with each other.

7. They’re Safe

Assuming the weather is suitable, jumping castles are one of the safest sources of party entertainment out there.

Indeed, this is one reason the parents can kick back and relax while the kids are running (or bouncing) wild! The nature of having inflatable walls and floors mean children can jump, crawl and fall with little chance of hurting themselves.

Better still, many castles have surrounding walls to stop smaller children bouncing off them. Everybody can hurl themselves around without fear of coming to harm.

8. They’re Inexpensive

Remember how expensive a kid’s birthday can become?

It’s never cheap to hire a venue, pay for party food, and supply entertainment.

Unless that is, you decide to hire a jumping castle. Suddenly, you’ve killed two birds with one stone- sorting the venue (usually a garden or local park) and entertainment in one fell swoop.

That combination automatically cuts down on the cost. However, the rental prices are usually more than affordable too. That’s good news for big families who have lots of friends to invite to parties!

Time to Hire Your Jumping Castles

Kid’s parties can turn into expensive events.

Indeed, most parents end up spending many hundreds of dollars on them. Some even spend thousands trying to throw their child the best party possible.

Thankfully, that isn’t necessary!

Hiring jumping castles for the day is a cost-effective way to provide fun for everybody. Hopefully, this post has highlighted the key benefits of having them around on the big day.

Would you like to book one of these inflatable castles for any upcoming birthday parties? Be sure to contact us today!

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